Academic Council

  • James Ceaser, Chairman
    Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia
  • Wilfred M. McClay, Vice Chairman
    Professor of History at the University of Oklahoma and G.T. & Libby Blankenship Chair in the History of Liberty
  • Mark Bauerlein
    Professor of English and founder of The Program in Democracy and Citizenship at Emory University
  • Gregory Campbell
    President and Professor of History, Carthage College
  • Bruce Cole
    Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, 2001-2009, President of the American Revolution Center
  • Daniel Cullen
    Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of The Project for the Study of Liberal Democracy at Rhodes College
  • Andrew Delbanco
    Julian Clarence Levi Professor in the Humanities and Director of American Studies at Columbia University
  • Patrick Deneen
    David A. Potenziani Memorial Associate Professor of Constitutional Studies at the University of Notre Dame
  • Jack P. Greene
    Andrew W. Mellon Professor Emeritus in the Humanities in the Department of History at Johns Hopkins University
  • Jakub Grygiel
    George H.W. Bush Senior Associate Professor of International Relations and Senior fellow at Center for European Policy Analysis; former editor of the Journal of Public and International Affairs; served as a consultant to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris and the World Bank
  • Allen Guelzo
    Henry R. Luce Professor of the Civil War Era and the director of Civil War Era Studies at Gettysburg College
  • Robert Koons
    Professor of Philosophy and founder of The Program in Western Civilization and American Institutions at the University of Texas-Austin
  • Ralph Lerner
    Benjamin Franklin Professor Emeritus in the Committee on Social Thought at the University of Chicago
  • Daniel Lowenstein
    Professor of Law Emeritus UCLA, and Director of the UCLA Center for the Liberal Arts and Free Institutions
  • Harvey Mansfield
    William R. Kennan, Jr. Professor of Government at Harvard University and a 2004 recipient of the National Humanities Medal from President George W. Bush
  • Michael Munger
    Professor, Department of Political Science, and Professor, Departments of Economics and Public Policy, Duke University. He is Director of the Politics, Philosophy and Economics Program, Duke University
  • Lorraine Pangle
    Associate Professor of Government and the Co-Director of the Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas at the University of Texas-Austin
  • Christena Nippert-Eng
    Professor of Sociology at the Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Thomas Pangle
    Joe R. Long Chair in Democratic Studies and the Co-Director of the Jefferson Center for the Study of Core Texts and Ideas at the University of Texas-Austin
  • Sandra Peart
    Dean of the Jepson School of Leadership Studies, University of Richmond, director of the Summer Institute for the Preservation of the History of Economic Thought at George Mason University, and former President of the History of Economics Society
  • Colleen Sheehan
    Director of The Matthew J. Ryan Center at Villanova University
  • Steven Smith
    Professor of Political Science, Yale University, Master of Branford College 1996-2011, and Co-Director of the Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions
  • David Spadafora
    President and Librarian of the Newberry Library, Chicago
  • Barry Strauss
    Professor of History, Professor of Classics and Chair, Department of History, Cornell University
  • John Tomasi
    Professor of Political Science at Brown University
  • Bernhardt Trout
    Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT
  • Gordon Wood
    Alva O. Way Professor Emeritus of History at Brown University and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Radicalism of the American Revolution"
  • Jean Yarbrough
    Gary M. Pendy Professor of Social Sciences and Chair of the Government Department at Bowdoin College
  • Keith Wrightson
    Randolph W. Townsend Jr. Professor of History, Yale University, and Co-Director of the Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions
  • Michael Zuckert
    Nancy Reeves Dreux Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame
  • John Zumbrunnen
    Professor and Director of the American Democracy Forum at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • In memoriam: John Strassburger, President, Ursinus College, 1995-2010