Opening doors for a new generation of promising scholars

A new generation of promising young scholars passionate about advancing traditional liberal education is eager to enter the academic world and carry this education forward. The JMC postdoctoral fellowship initiative is opening doors for them.

In 2008, JMC set out to build a core of enthusiastic and dedicated professors who share our aim to ensure that students leave their universities educated in our country’s founding principles and history. The JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship program is among the most effective strategies for achieving this objective.

Working with established professors at top universities, JMC postdoctoral fellows teach classes on the great ideas of the Founding and prepare scholarly works essential to their success in an increasingly competitive academic job market.

Fellows gain valuable teaching experience and are mentored by leading scholars in their fields. The mentors’ advice prepares them for the rigors of the interview and publication processes. Fellows leave their appointments ready to begin long-term academic careers.

“The value of these postdoctoral fellowships to young scholars cannot be overstated,” said JMC executive vice president, Dr. Michael Andrews, “Over the course of their careers, these young scholars will introduce tens of thousands of students to the American political tradition and the principles of a free society.”


2016-17 Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Boston College, John Marshall Project
    JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Columbia University, Center for American Studies
    JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Northwestern University, Center for Legal Studies
    JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • University of Notre Dame, Comstitutional Studies
    JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • University of Pennsylvania, Penn Program on Democracy, Citizenship and Constitutionalism
    JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Roosevelt University, Montesquieu Forum for the Study of Civic Life
    JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • University of Virginia, Program on Constitutionalism and Democracy
    John Lillard Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Yale University, Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions (History Dept.)
    JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Yale University, Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions (Political Science Dept.)
    JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • JMC is partnered with four of America’s foremost independent research libraries: the Newberry Library in Chicago, the Huntington Library in San Marino, the John D. Rockefeller Library in Colonial Williamsburg, and the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia.

    In collaboration with these libraries, JMC provides 1 to 3 month research fellowships primarily for early and mid-career scholars engaged in projects that advance the study of American political thought and history.

    JMC research fellowships provide scholars the rare opportunity to explore unparalleled collections of documents and manuscripts from the Founding era. Such opportunities enable scholars to further their careers on campuses while benefiting us all with a deeper understanding of America’s founding principles and history.