A New Republic of Letters

Reflecting on American Ideas and Institutions

The New Republic of Letters is a biannual publication featuring the work of Jack Miller Center partner scholars. Intended to be written for non-academic readers, the NROL presents brief essays on American ideas and institutions in order to share the work of our partner faculty with a broader audience.

The inaugural issue, which can be found below, is an essay by JMC Board member and leading professor of political theory, Jim Ceaser. Professor Ceaser discusses the uniqueness of the American Constitutional tradition and our unprecedented – and important – Constitutional reverence.

Future issues will draw on professors within our network, adapting articles, seminar presentations, and public lectures. Each issue will focus on ideas central to American history and political thought. The New Republic of Letters aims to introduce an extensive community of readers to a conversation on the principles and ideas that underlie and preserve a free and flourishing society.

Volume 1 · Spring 2017

A Revered Constitution

James Ceaser, University of Virginia